"Jeffrey is the man!  We had a real nasty unknown back-flow DISASTER for a few weeks and he was the right specialist to fix the problem quickly at a right price.  Very knowledgeable, honest and well-mannered.  
When our problem became a mystery (we contacted five different plumbers and we got five different answers), we decided to hire someone with a camera to find out what has been causing this constant clog.  And, of course, we heard a camera would cost us a big money.  Then, we found Full Service Plumbing from Craigslist.  
Jeffrey listened to the lengthy description of our problem patiently and gave us a understandable diagnosis.  Then, he came to our place first other than other appointments because "leaking faucet and installing a waterline can wait but toilet overflow is an emergency."  
Very satisfied!  His camera found the problem right away and he removed it.  Now we are not depressed any more - happy ending.  Thank you so much, Jeffrey."
"We had a water spot develop in our hallway just outside our bathroom. I thought it may be condensation of some sort. However, this spot never dried or went away. Concerned that it looked as it was coming from under the linoleum floor, I feared the toilet had a broken seal. I am renting this unit and I have to work with a belligerent land lord. The land lord told me to use a fan on the area for a couple of hours and that should clear it right up like it had in the past in other issues he's had with his other units. We did this for multiple hours and nothing changed. Concerned at this point I had raw sewage leaking into my apartment [and I have 2 small children], I contacted Full Service Plumbing.
Jeffrey was excellent to work with, his comprehensive knowledge of the industry is unsurpassable. We were able to pin point the issue and fix required. He even supplied me with the landlord/tenant rights so I can work with my landlord effectively and appropriately. He went above and beyond what I was even expecting. Jeffrey is an excellent professional to work with."
I had a pretty big plumbing issue at my home in Kaneohe...
Toilets keep backing up and over flowing. After 2 snake visits from other plumbers, I
found Jeffrey's little ad on Craigslist for a plumber.
As soon as I called him, he was at my house, diagnosed the problem, and
scheduled a day to come out and fix the issue.
Upon scheduling-- Jeffrey was there-- on a Sunday no less--!--
and actually showed up, fixed the sewer drain in record time, put everything back in place, cleaned up and you'd never know he had been there.
I could not be happier...a man of few words...but top notch professional.
"My wife and I had a bunch of small projects at our Kailua hale, we called around only to deception, till we finally got FSP to come over and give us a free and honest estimate, Lindsey, Jeffrey and his crew did an exceptional work!, went beyond the extra mile taking care of all our problems, we highly recommend FSP, they have won our business in an honest and professional way. Excellent and transparent local service hands down. Much Mahalos!"
"I've relied on Jeff for my townhouse's plumbing needs for a few years now. He's always been prompt, honest, reliable, and helpful. He's definitely my go-to!"
"My tenants recently moved out of a townhouse rental in Hawaii kai.
Not long after they moved out, I call a call from the property manager on a Sunday Morning that there was water coming out from the garage.
I checked and found that the 15 year old water heater was leaking.
I then searched online for various heater vendors and installers.  Decided to get a Rheem water heater from Home Depot.  I also submitted online a request for a contact and estimate for installation from HD preferred vendor.
I also went to Yelp and submitted a quote request.  I got 4 quotes that same day. One of the quotes was from Jeffrey of Full Service Plumbing.  I also checked other sources - Home Advisor.  FSP was the best quote and i sent a reply to FSP for questions and clarifications - got immediate responses from Jeffrey and Lindsey.  Their price was the best which included pickup, installation and haul away of old heater.  I also asked Jeffrey/Lindsey for advice on the  type, size etc on water heater - which they  provided.  Told them  that i will get back to them - wanted to get the estimate from Home Depot - designated installer.  Got a phone call the next day from Home depot installer.  They said that they needed pictures of the installation area and sent me email.  Their email for whatever reason went to my junk mail ( very appropriate). I sent them back pictures and asked when could i expect to get an estimate. Never got a reply!
In the meantime, went to Home Depot , bought the water heater and placed it  for will call pickup.  Btw ( guy who helped me at Home Depot water heater dept was very good ). Advised FSP of details and information.
Lindsey called/emailed and a pickup delivery date was chosen.
Got a reminder and a call this morning.  Joe( installer arrived right on time with the water heater and proceeded to install same. Found out that the shutoff valve was defective and new one needed. Lindsey gave me quote - reasonable.  Joe was very efficient and friendly and completed installation.  
I am very pleased with my experience with Full Service Plumbing, their pricing was fair and their level of communication was excellent.
I will definitely put them on the top of my list for my future plumbing needs."
"I had an issue with my water heater right before Christmas Eve!! Yikes no hot water. So I went to Craigslist and found Full Service Plumbing. I called and spoke to Lindsey, who is a very outstanding person. She cared about my concerns and very helpful in setting an appt. Which would be Friday Dec 27. Very quick response and I was worried I couldn't pay cash. I was able to pay by CC. That made life less stressful. Joe came before his scheduled time and went right to it. He explained everything as he went along. So he tested the circuits, voltage, the panels. He said voltage and electricity was ok. So by my request he changed out the thermostats. GREAT JOB JOE! They're very affordable.  FIVE STARS!!!"
Thank you Joe and Lindsey
"I have used full service plumbing both at my business and and my residence. Their response time is immediate and they always find a way to fit me into their schedule. If you have an emergency and for some reason they are unable to make it to you in time, they will recommend companies they know who can accommodate you. Jeff is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and his recommendations have been nothing but helpful. He recently installed an outdoor shower at our house to use while we remodel our bathroom and it came out better than I expected. He even built the shower out of an old surfboard. These guys are awesome!"
"Full Service Plumbing is EXCEPTIONAL! They replaced of my old galvanized plumbing with new copper pipes expertly and at a really good price. Owner, Jeffrey is an experienced pro and knows his job well:
1) Jeffrey provided excellent information upon his initial visit to give me an estimate. He explained the scope of work and projected a timeline of how long it would take and what would be done. He came out a second time when I decided to move my washer and dryer and didn't charge me extra for the visit or the change.
2) Office Manager, Lindsay was professional, courteous and delightful to work with. She got the estimate to me quickly and reassured me that Jeffrey wouldn't waiver (I was nervous because it was the lowest bid). She was understanding of my special scheduling needs and flexible when I had to change my original dates.
3) Jeffrey was on site and each day and provided progress reports and made sure to let me know that if I had questions he was just a phone call away. He adjusted my water pressure when I said that it was too strong and checked back with me the next day to make sure I was happy with the adjustment. He also made a few on-the-spot changes at my request.
4) The 3-man crew was respectful and courteous. They didn't need to open as many walls as initially expected and put things back together afterward. They were on target in finishing the job within the scheduled time frame. They also cleaned up after themselves, so on the last day the only way I could tell that they had been there at all . . . was by the excellent water pressure and cleaner water coming out of my faucets.
Full Service Plumbing can handle any kind of plumbing jobs! Don't hesitate to call them. They're the BEST!"
"I called on 5/9/19 and a woman named Lindsey answered my call. I explained that we had a 5 foot long hole in our kitchen floor because my dad's "friend" who is a licensed contractor, was trying to find the underground leak in our hot water pipes. His method of finding the leak was to damage the tiles and concrete in our kitchen.  My dad's "friend" discovered that the pipes were old and needed to be replaced, and the only way was to reroute the pipes through the outside. He quoted the job to be MORE than $10,000.  I wanted a second opinion, which is why I called FULL SERVICE PLUMBING and asked Lindsey if we could schedule an estimate ASAP because we were going without hot water for over a week.  Lindsey contacted the owner, Jeff, and although they were fully booked, Jeff arrived at our house the following morning promptly at 7:00 am. because he knew it was an emergency.  Jeff was very knowledgeable and professional and, without adding more damage to our kitchen that now had a hole from my dad's "friend", Jeff did an assessment and gave us an estimate... WOW!  his estimate was 1/4 the cost of the first guy's estimate!!!!!!Talk about saving money!!!  I made sure that FULL SERVICE PLUMBING was legit by researching some reviews and verifying their license because I couldn't believe how reasonable they were!!!  I cancelled all other appointments I had with other plumbers for estimates because I immediately hired Jeff for the job.  On 5/15/19, Jeff put in new pipes which he rerouted on the outside and he also fixed 2 other leaks he found in our home.  He worked alone, was quick and neat, and was super humble.  Finding FULL SERVICE PLUMBING was a blessing sent from Heaven.  It's not easy to find people who just want to do a good job at a super reasonable price.  We hit the jackpot with this guy.  For sure, I will hire Jeff to do all of our plumbing work as needed in the future, and if I ever build a new home, he will definitely be the guy I'll call to do all of the plumbing work.  I am a very picky person when it comes to great service.. just read my other yelp reviews, and you'll see I'm very hard to please, but FULL SERVICE PLUMBING deserves 5 stars and a great review from me!!!"
- Brown B.
"Owner Jeffery, and his crew, swooped into our 2 story 1950's built house. I had a laundry list of things that my siblings wanted done.    His crew changed out  galvanize pipes to copper pipes that led to every sink and bath in the main house.  That really fixed the low water pressure problem!  Unclogged drains that have been an issue for so long.  Installed toilets and hot water heaters in no time flat. Built a economy minded surround shower to replace an aged stall. My brothers kept him busy with abrupt  decisions to replace faucets.  He followed our  wishes to keep things simple, and even pointed out that some things didn't need replacing. Jeff is a very knowledgeable plumber.  In the future, I'm going to hire him again for the things he said didn't need replacing yet.  ( Oh yeah, his crew even found a old crumpled twenty dollar bill for me. ).  Most of all, he and his crew behaved very professional and grateful for the work."
-A R. 
"I was referred to Jeff by an acquaintance and am so  glad I have a reliable plumber. He gave me a honest quote on getting a hybrid water heater and even took the time to explain the issues. He even helped me fix my noisy toilet too. I needed more work later after seeing my water bill go way high. I got a quick reply via email setting up my appointment and quote. He came on time and did the work perfectly. He had all the parts and got to work quickly and neatly.  I appreciate Jeff's great work."
-Joni K. 
"Fast expert service, often the same day..Reasonably priced. Jeff really knows his stuff and gives useful advice to save you money."
"Excellent service! Jeff and crew could not have been nicer or more professional...will definitely use again when I have a plumbing problem."
"Best plumber around at reasonable price!"  

"High Quality Reasonably Priced Plumber!!
What is missing in the name is EXCELLENT.  
I had Full Service Plumbing come out twice. First to verify the Roto Rooter recommendation was correct for repair. Vote of NO confidence to Roto Rooter that I felt the need to do that!!!
I was burnt big time by Roto Rooter - EXCESSIVE charges & INCOMPLETE job of analyzing my system. Negative interactions with the Honolulu manager of Roto Rooter. (After I made a registered a complaint that only a small part of line was scoped, their Call Center agreed the full job of scoping wasn't done and he actually started dispatching the plumber to return but the manager cancelled it.  Manager said I would have to pay again for them to come outl!!! )  
Full Service Plumbing was recommended by a property manager. They are now my go to plumbing company.
I had a problem where the city and property's sewer line connection were no longer level resulting in junction catching TP and eventually a stoppage.
Jeff at the first service call scoped the line, explained what he was seeing  and gave me the video.  He said the entire line did not have to be replaced but only the section causing the problem. Jeff gave me a fixed price for the job.   (Roto Rooter plumber indicated the full line should be replaced which meant the cost would be many times the amount that Full Service quoted.)
Second customer visit - They replaced the section. It entailed digging a hole at least 5 or 6 feet deep.  Kyle was neat.  The dug up dirt and grass were stacked on plastic garbage bags so that it can be returned to fill back the hole.  This avoided the lawn becoming lumpy in other areas.  The price was reasonable considering it required many hours of a plumber's time digging the hole.
In summary, if you want excellent work done at a reasonable price, use Full Service Plumbing." -S.W